Olga Torok

Olga Torok
don't we all say that... 
Despite the shock on the 12th of March, when the Romanian government decided to close all theatres and cancelling the opening night of the show "Quartett" by Heiner Muller and directed by Hunor Horvath, also my first collaboration with the German Section of the National Theater “Radu Stanca” in Sibiu, Romania, 2020 got really interesting and so fresh!

New way of life, new way of playing theatre, new approaches, courage and loss.

I needed the break after rehearsing two months for "Quartett", so I let the first two weeks go by, without thinking and planing. Soon after a lot of reporters (Surprised ) asked me questions about my life, about how it changed... well, it didn't. And since everyone was ready for a long lock down, I started to think about online theatre, about possibilities to reach out to the audience. I learned working on the Adobe Premier, I tried different ways of communicating (held the y o L ga workshop on Zoom for example, which was big fun). So, two videos were created till May feat. Valentin Spath. Merteuille and Valmont form "Quartett" had a soundtrack made by Vlaicu Golcea! Check out the  V i D e O
During all this time, Paula Breuer and
I were working on V.I.P.- Very Isolated Person, our live online show on Zoom, played now in the repertoire of the German Theatre in Timisoara. The one-woman show is in German and interactive, although the participants remain anonymous. Working on this show was like a true challenge, with many downs and downs and ups.  Of course, without bragging, it's a big achievement for me! More about the show here and here!

Cristina Milea, designer and scenographer, proposed me in summer, a shooting for her first line of upcycled fashion collection "Sarlatan". Along photographer Catalin Mares we had a fun time in Satu Mare, my home town. It was really weird
being home and working creatively at the same time. 

The two short movies I played in, “The Birthday Boy” and “The Smuggler” had some great turnouts. The Birth
day Boy was invited by a festival in Berlin-Potsdam for a screening and had afterwards a nice Q&A along director Sabin Dorohoi. This event was in January, so it was live. And "The Smuggler" won at a few Festivals, for best debut, best director, best screenplay and premiered online in November. 

I didn't get sick this year. 

I bought a second hand Mercedes.

My grandma died at 96.

I voted.

didn’t spend Christmas at home.

I wish you
all a Happy New Year!