Olga Torok

Olga Torok
On the cover of the latest issue of the Scena magazine I am ripping the "Purple Firefish" costume of my body.
The design was made by Cristina Milea aka Sarlatan.ro. Cristina is a wonderful stage and costume designer.
Sarlatan (engl. Charlatan) is a movement in raising awareness using Upcycling experiments, “breaking down” stereotypes and “upload” them into unique garment pieces, by processing organic and synthetic waste. Each of the garments has a story behind its visual aesthetics.

The Purple Firefish (Nemateleotris decora)  likes to swim against the current and catches its food this way, prolific jumpers, resistant to diseases, with a very peaceful behavior (except in the company of the same breed). Parents care for the eggs until they reach juvenile age. This species is often found in pairs and is monogamous, an isolated individual has a much lower life expectancy than individuals living in groups.The costume is made of plastic waste and synthetic textiles, which decompose in nature, eliminating harmful substances in: textile materials: 1 year; plastic bags: 20 years; cans: 50 years; plastic glasses: 100 years; doses of soft drinks and beer: 200 years; pets: 300 years. 

The amazing photographer is Bogdan Catargiu, one of the best fashion photographers in the country.

I am honored to be on this cover, since the issue has articles, reviews and interviews with the coolest theatre underdogs of Romania.