Olga Torok

Olga Torok
First of all I'll explain the name:  Olga and yoga is  y o L g a. Easy as that. 

So, y o L g a is a movement workshop, based on yoga and 80s-90s pop moves, created by actress Olga Torok. The concept of this workshop includes also the idea of group meditation for a deeper dive into the fun part of the workshop, which is the group choreography on a 90s hit pop song. 
y o L g a  is a group performance. y o L g a  meditates on the banality of our day to day life. y o L g a  invites people to copy each other for a perfect synchronized movement. y o L g a has not the shape of your soul, but the shape of your body.

y o L g a has been held for different groups of people (salsa dancers, at creative camps, teenagers, music festivals, amateur dancers). 10-15 patricipants / 1h 30 , minimum age 10 years old.
For more information and bookings write an email to olgadianatorok@gmail.com  and prepare your neon leggings. 

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